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We restore clothing, shoes, drapes, & other soft textiles

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Fire, soot, and water damage restoration specialists

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Experts at delivering pre-loss quality

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Immediate turnaround of priority clothing

We specialize in the pre-loss restoration of clothes, shoes, drapes, soft goods, and other textiles.

Our experienced team determines which garments and materials are salvageable. Then, we create an inventory of all loss-related items.

Some of our signature services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • On-site Damage Evaluation
  • Proprietary Inventory Management System
  • Immediate Turnaround of Priority Clothing
  • Virtual Closet After Inventory
  • Shoe Restoration
  • On-site Drapery Cleaning and Rehanging
  • Most advanced cleaning and restoration processes to ensure quality
  • Customer Service and Quality Evaluations
  • Competitive pricing Throughout New England
  • Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

Why make us your vendor of choice?

Being on the same page an adjuster is key when it comes to the damage caused by an insurance loss. Every file we manage has a scope of loss letter created and then emailed to an adjuster to detail exactly what and what was not taken from a residence. This ensures:

  • Only affected items are taken for restoration
  • Testing was completed in all areas of the residence
  • No property from rooms occupied by uninsured person(s) is taken